India is Changing with Changing Indian Trends, With Smart Mobile Phone are in Everyone’s Reach & Thanks to Mukesh Ambani’s JIO Telecom High-Speed Internet Speed on the Go, Now every Service & Purchase is Changed.

Now Consumers Do Price Comparisons of Online & Local Retailers on their Mobile to have an additional advantage in Negotiations to Get more value of their Penny Spent.

Indians always want MORE !!!

You as a Business Owner already experience this on a daily Basis, Now time is to Go Social Media First with Big Smile :).

Our Claim for the need of Social Media Business Plan is Supported by the Recent Report from Nielsen India in September 2018.

According to the Recent Report from Nielsen India ,

  • Indians now consume 1GB of data a day compared to erstwhile 4GB a month.
  • 50% of total time spent on a smartphone are on Chat, Video-Streaming, Browsers, Social Networking, and Image Apps.

But ???

You Need a Social Media Strategy before Jumping into the GAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING !!!

Social Media Marketing Strategy will Help in Getting Your Business Goal Archive by

  • Get More New Customers & also help to regain the Confidence of Old Customers.
  • Will add Speed & More Effectiveness in Word of Mouth Awareness.
  • Help you Push other Marketing Efforts in Targeted Directions.
  • Will Help in Building Brand awareness.


Now Time is to Make Your BUSINESS GOALS into SMART GOALS


S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attainable

R: Relevant

T: Time-Bounded.



Some Important Facts worth Consideration


  • Understand Every Media Channel & its Audience & How People are using those Channels?

       “Like Instagram is loved by the Fashion Brands”

  • The relevance of Content & its Consistency (How Many Post & Type of Post) you are posting.
  • Always Measure & Monitor & Analysis.


Mistakes Small Business Do after Go Social on Social Media Channels

Question Your Self First ???

  • Are you On Social Media Channels?
  • Then Which Social Media Channel, like are you on Facebook or Instagram or Active on Twitter,
  • Now, Try to recall what you do on these Channels?
  • Why & What you Do on these Channels?
  • Did You Get the Answer?


Now Re-Think after putting yourself in Customer’s Shoes.

Your Customers & Prospects are Doing the Same & Expect the Same what you expect from Brands your Follow?

Now as a Customer or Consumer think & note down what you expect from a Brand you like or New Brand you just started admiring.

Common Mistakes Small Businesses Do on Social Media Channels

  • Sharing irrelevant Posts across all Social Media Channels.

“Sharing & Fwding those Chain Fwded Posts”


  • Posting Bad Quality or Very Poor Videos that you Shared from Any Unknown & Not Reliable Sources.   

“You Heard of Fake News are BIG Concerns these Days.”


  • Keep Posting Only Offers or Pushing Post Multiple time on All Channels.

“Social Media Channels are for Connecting, Engaging, Listening & Sharing Communication, Not Just One Way Garbage Bin for Dumping everything on your Followers”

  • Ignoring the Customers or Followers, Reply & Addressing Comments.

“Ignoring or Deleting the Irate or Angry Customers responses, Address their Concern Swiftly with Responsibility”

  • Missing, Incorrect & Incomplete Contact Information on BIO Description or In Contact Us Section.

“Missing or Incorrect or Incomplete Contact Information raise the Question on Reliability of Your Brand.”


Tip: Your Contact Information Has to be Same on All Online Channels, not even additional Space or No Space makes Google Not Sure of Your Contact Information.


  • Your Brand is Available on SOCIAL MEDIA but you are Not Available for your Followers or Customer or Your Prospects.

Do Not Make unable when you Customer Ask for Something or Calls or Connect you on Contact Information Available”


Tip: Are your Losing Patience or Tied of Answering Customers Question about Your Address or Best Route, Be Available on GOOGLE MAPS Add on Social Media Channels & Your Website, So Your Customer Can easily find & Reach You.

Also Can Use CHATBOTS to Answer Most Frequent Questions & Keep your Customers Engage, Chatbots will also help to have a high response rate.


  • Ignoring Customers Rating & Reviews, Check them & Address them.

Example: Like in your own Real Life

1)How to handle some misunderstanding between relatives of Friends?

“By Addressing them”.

2)How you collect information about New Neighbors or while choosing the Match for your Daughter?

“By reviews of their family thru some reliable people who know them already”.


Tip: Reward your Customer for Rating & Reviews. & Additionally Google Loves Good Rating with Reviews.


Let’s Know More about Social Media Channels to better understand as a Best Fit for Your Business.


What is Facebook & what People Do on Facebook?

Facebook having 2 Billion People, Can Say More Population than Our Own Country India.

These Two Billion People Do on Facebook, Mostly to Connect with Their Friends & Family Also at the Same time a Big Source of Informations like

  • NEWS

How to use Facebook for Business & Benefit of Business Page.

  • Create a Facebook Business Page by Taking Correct Opts from LOCAL BUSINESS, BRAND, PROFESSIONAL, COMMUNITY, or PUBLIC FIGURE.
Business Page Creatation Step
Facebook Create Page
  • No Limit of Followers, not like your Personal Profile on Facebook which is limited to less than 5000.
  • You Get FACEBOOK ANALYTICS to Plan ahead your Strategies.


Facebook Business Page Insites
Facebook Insights
  • Additional Tools to Showcase More of Your Brand like
  • Ability to List your Company like other Business Listings for Search.
  • Share Your Story to Tell More about you & Your Business.
  • Create Offers to Boost SALES.
  • Create Events for More Engagement & for Increasing Footfall.
  • Create More Engagement by Customer Reviews of Your Products & Services.


How to use Instagram for Business by Instagram Business Profile/Page

Instagram is More than #Hashtags

Know Some Facts of Instagram

  • Fastest Growing
  • 90% of the Users are under the Age of 35 Years.
  • Most preferred or Loved Social Media Channel for Sharing Photos & Videos, & Going Live.

More than 80% of Instagram Users Follow at least One Brand.

Instagram Personal Vs Business Account
Source: Lyfe Marketing

What is the effectiveness of Instagram Engagement?
You are Considering Instagram for More Customer Engagement, Check some facts on Instagram Engagement.

Instagram Engagement is Higher than

Facebook by 10%.

Pinterest by 54%.

Twitter by 84%

How to Use Twitter & Why for Business?

Are You Hyper Active on Twitter? Twitter is Hyper Active Social Media Channel to Express your Opinion & Getting Opinions from your #Followers.

Twitter is for

  • Happening in the #RealWorld in #RealTime.
  • 50 Million Tweets per Day & Growing.
  • #Trending with #Industry & #Customers.
Nike Twitter handle
Nike Twitter Handle
  • Nearly 80% SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE REQUESTs are happening over TWITTER.

Tip: ”With PERISCOPE, Can Go Live on Twitter for Organic Engagement”.

Twitter Business handle
Example of Business Twitter Handle(McDonald’s Twitter handle)


Do you Need SNAPCHAT for your BUSINESS?


Best Advice for SNAPCHAT if your Customer or Audience or Your Prospects are of AGE GROUP 12 years to 25 Years.

Understanding users of Instagram & Snapchat
Source Buffer



Going Live Videos

Augment Reality

Snapchat Features
Snapchat Activities People Do


Youtube Business Page Example
Taylor Swift Youtube Channel

Some Facts About #YOUTUBE


  • Youtube is #Google Product & Second Largest Search Engine after GOOGLE SEARCH.
  • 300 Hours of Videos are adding per Minute on Youtube.
  • Five Billion Videos are Watched on Youtube per Day
    Shocking Fact:” 20% of viewers leave the Video after or within 10 Sec”

How Important & Effective LINKEDIN is for BUSINESSES?


Are you in Business 2 Business & Frequently Meet People from Different Organisations?

Linkedin can Give you a Great Help, But How? Let’s Check how can you use LINKEDIN for Added Advantage.

Linkedin Business Page Example
Linkedin Business Page Example
  • Know More about the Individuals you are Meeting or Even Connect thru LINKEDIN before the Meeting Schedule to Prepare & Know the Exact requirement of that Individual or Organisation he or She Represents.
  • Connect for New Prospects & Creating a Network within your INDUSTRY.
  • Join Related Groups for Networking.
  • Share Content or Write Articles with BACKLINKS to Your WEBSITE.
  • Well Defined Targeted Audience.
  • Building Leadership.


Know Pinterest Social Media Channel for Business

Are you in the Business of Consulting or Creativity?

Fact: You are a CONSULTANT for your Customers & Prospects, Graphics & infographics are the most effective way of telling a Story or Sharing Facts & Figures about You & Your Business.

Pinterest Business Page Example
Source: Sprout Social

Some Interesting Facts of Pinterest Business Page.


  • Average Life of Pin is 3 Months.
  • Most of the users are Females.
  • Drive Traffic from Pinterest to your Landing Page for Lead Generation or your Website for More Engagement.

In this Journey to Know about Social Media Marketing for your Business Big or Small,

We reached a Stop, from where you have to Choose your Destination (SMART GOALS) & Vehicle (Social Media Channel) to Reach Next Milestone.

Now time is here to Start Doing & if still Stuck or in Doubt?

Comment or Reach us for Free Consultation.

Does Social Media Marketing Works for Small Businesses in India?

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