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Social Media is now stronger than ever. If you want your business to succeed in today’s business era, you need to gear up. Having a strong online presence across all major social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linked-in, twitter, snapchat, Pinterest etc. depending on your industry nice) is not just a choice, but a priority.

Rapidly rising ads on Social Media is a clear indicator of How Online Marketing has taken over a huge chunk of Traditional Advertising Business. And this is because of rapidly rising smartphone users, easy internet access and a wide array of the content base that make these platforms captivating for everyone.  

It would be clearly unwise to assume that social media is just meant for the young generation and your business isn’t a right fit. Being stick to traditional mode may result in missed opportunities & a struggle to generate potential leads. Whatever your business model or niche is, Social Media carries a huge potential to grow your business. You just need to know how to make it productive for your brand.

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Now, Here are a few of the most important ways in which your business can escalate through Social Media.

Social Media Traffic










Grow your Website Traffic

This is the very first reason that you should start building Social Media presence of your business. Through Social Media Marketing, you can drive traffic to your website that might eventually turn into a profitable conversion. This is especially an important aspect for SMEs who have a small customer base and are looking to expand their reach and capture a wider audience.

Now the question is, How to get started?

Initial phase for Social Media Marketing is to build a Strategy that best suits your business.
To Simply more, Strategy Should Include the following elements:

Ad Goal: Identify your audience across social media channels & choose the most favorable one. Select your ad goal (eg. Conversion, Reach or Engagement), target audience, demographics etc. to get a clarity of who you are serving the ads to.   

Content Strategy: Ensure that you create a customized marketing content and communicate the same brand voice & message across all mediums/channels.

Creatives: Graphics play a majority role in achieving your Social Media Marketing goals. Once you are clear with goal & content, work on visuals. Create a brand color theme that provides a right brand impression & keeps it consistent in all mediums.

The purpose of these points is to guide your audience down to sales funnel. They should be really creative, engaging & must include CTA ( Call to action like Phone Number, Web link, Message etc.) in order to generate results.


Generate More Leads

Start changing the way your business uses social media. Stop thinking of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc. as just tools for branding, and get more value by using them to generate leads.

The best part is, You can specifically target the people that directly qualify as a buyer of your product/service through advanced targeting. Just make sure that your post is visually appealing and the language used matches your target audience taste so that user stops and starts engaging while scrolling on social media channels. If you just follow these few things you will see a gradual increase in the number of leads and lower cost of conversion.

Enhance SEO

Most people assume that SEO & Social Media opposite pillars, but this is an unhelpful assumption. In the end, Anything your business is putting online with your name on it has the power to influence other online channels & it all comes down to authority and how you come across to the consumer.

If a potential lead lands on your webpage, it is most likely that he will stumble across social channels through organic search. The presence on all channels directly or indirectly makes an impact on overall online marketing. The more paid traffic you get will, in turn, boost your SEO & vice-versa.

Build & Maintain Customer Relationship

Social Media is one of the most effective ways to stay connected with your audience.
And due to this continuous connectivity medium with your audience, they eventually

Develop into your Loyal Customers.

Another amazing thing is that once you have a wide audience base. It’s easy to communicate & share new updates and offer and get an immediate feedback.

The Content Curated must be Engaging, Appealing & connect to everyone. It must be relatable to the audience so that they can easily interact with the post.

Reply to the comments & questions on time & try to solve their issues immediately.

Analyze Competition

One of the big advantage points of Social Media for the businesses is that they can analyze & study what their competitors are doing, what offers or stories they are working on, what’s new they are adding & therefore you can make a comparative analysis & be ahead of competitors.

  • You get a real-time access to audience reaction
  • Learn from competitors mistakes
  • Study Trends in the market

Bollywood can be taken as one of the example here. Whenever a movie releases, there is a pool of comments or reactions all around. It helps Other Marketers to study immediate reaction, analyze trends & make changes in their strategy accordingly.

Social Media has brought in a lot’s of opportunities for businesses to connect with a larger audience base in no time & in the most engaging way possible. Which in turn leads to new businesses & Leads.

Now, As promised, Sharing with you
 3 BONUS TIPS to Drive rapid results  

Social Media Story

Grabbing audience attention is the most important aspect of any marketing activity. Same is the opportunity provided by social media channels. But, sometimes we repeatedly do same things & blame social media of not being a result driven medium. So, Sharing with you few things, that are most engaging & takes less effort and time.


  • STORIES: Everyone must have seen stories on top of both Facebook & Instagram Channels. They have been located at most prominent places and yet we underutilize that opportunity. Create engaging Stories every day to connect with your audience. Share what they would like to see & soon you will see an increase in the number of people watching your Stories & engaging with it.
  • GO LIVE: Another easy way to increase engagement and traffic is to GO LIVE with the relevant content in mind. The live feature, if used consistently, can generate unexpected results. So, don’t think too much on how to go about it, Just start with it & eventually it will keep getting better.
  • SCHEDULE: Once you develop a good connection with the audience, Share the schedule of your activities with them. A week’s plan to go live with relevant topics & keynote speakers etc. or showing a demo with a schedule of the complete version. In this way, you will collect pre-reaction before you share the main thing & you have time to modify it & present plus it creates a sense of curiosity and importance of the subject.


Another very important aspect of keeping your audience engaged is a habit of asking questions.

It is surveyed that post with a question drives more attention than a normal post.

For Example:
A post shared the FILL IN THE _________ Format
Conducting Polls
Asking for audience opinion

Keep these few points in your plan and observe a real increase in engagement. And with the help of this, You have an opportunity to share a Call-to-Action wherein you can obtain real data & make real conversions.



3: AUDIT   
WARNING: Don’t post same things over and over again. This will take away your audience attention.

Post Engagement
Analyze your post engagement weekly and make sure you modify your work as per results consistently.  


Be aware of people likings & dislikings, what’s new. Pick up a trending topic once in a while that relates to your brand.

Don’t Copy, Stay Original

It’s easy to copy on Social Media and take a shortcut. But, there is a very good chance that a copy work gets identified by your audience as they are always following similar work and this small can sometimes turn out to be negative. To avoid it, Take a reference during your analysis and redesign the things that work & present it in your own original way.   


Don’t forget to experiment by creating fresh video content & Real-life video as these have been a game changer for many.

Work on your youtube channel as due to its evergreen content nature it has proven to drive traffic to all other channels & website.

So, In Conclusion, Stay ahead of time and adapt to modern mindset & trend immediately.

How to escalate your business through Social Media?
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