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As a dentist, your prime concern is to realize and solve the problems of your patients, but it is very important to have patients at the door.
Dental patient marketing is how you promote your dental clinic to attract patients. This results in the best outcomes when practiced in a way that makes patients comfortable and connected.
Not only does dental patient marketing get new customers, but it also assists in extending relations with existing patients. Although there is no definite way to guarantee a certain number of patients, there are multiple marketing strategies that can be implemented to achieve this goal.

Here are 7 different methods that can be equipped to achieve an increase in the number of dental patients:

1. Build a Community
Social media is a powerful tool to multiply your outreach. Using social media to build a complete community of people who connect with you- both new and existing- can prove to be an excellent way of being renowned. When your patients connect with you on social media, they not only connect with you but also get constant updates about how you are working on improvising the facilities you provide.
Creating a page and group on Facebook is the best way to build a community as it is the most widely used social media platform by all age groups.

2. Build a Well Designed Website
Having a full-fledged website for yourself can help you boost your reputation. A prospective patient will always try to look you up on your website to see how you present yourself to the world of the internet. Having a well designed and goal-oriented website will definitely help you put forth a great first impression. A strong website is the one which is easy to navigate and well organized, with all services mentioned clearly.

3. Careful selection of Advertisement Platforms
Advertising can be through ads on social media platforms or even game ads. Click to call ads, google maps ads, mobile call ads and email ads are multiple ways to promote your dental clinic among the masses. These ways are easy as well as efficient.

4. Emails and Newsletters
Connecting with existing patients via emails and regular newsletter updates gives them a sense of connectivity and concern. Not only this, email updates and newsletters help to target a new set of patients by making them aware of your dental services.
Regular updates inculcate a sense of care among the patients and improve their comfort level.

5. Digital Reminders and Notifications
If patients are delivered digital notifications about available appointments, a new appointment and reminders about existing appointments, they realize that they are expected to show up. It just shows that you care beyond monetary benefits.
Using Google Calendar Alerts, Messaging services, or specific apps for doctors, can be an effective way to deliver such notifications.

6. Make Use of Content Marketing
Using blog posts and ebooks to attract traffic to your clinic website is a great gimmick.
Creating a FAQ section makes adding new content easier, and increases the overall ranking and channelizes more traffic to your website.

7. Take Care of your Keywords
While rolling out blogs and content for websites, keyword research is very important. In addition to basic keywords like “dental services”, “dental clinic”, etc., there must be some variety in the content that makes you stand out.
Making use of emergency keywords like “emergency tooth fixtures”, is a good strategy.
Also, if you happen to operate your clinic on weekends, then it must be mentioned to make you top the search chart.

Apart from these 7 major methods, local events and health camps can also be effective enough for dental patient marketing.
However, you must be clear with your objective and should convey it in an organized and understandable manner.

Why Dental Patient Marketing is Important? And What You Must Do!

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