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There are new trends in email marketing for 2019 and you must know them well so that your email does not end up in spam or just get ignored in the inbox. The days where the single email had the potential to reach your whole database and the cash box started ringing are over. Now the trend is for something more, and of course, it should come from you.

Marketers who are always figuring and watching the new trends for knocking the right door and with the right tactics predict that email approaches will undergo a lot more this year. They have derived their info from the clients and users and roll out the results for the coming year.

We here like to share some of the important strategies for email marketing for 2019. We have shortlisted the 9 trends which will dominate the year and rule the email marketing world.

  • It will be more important to build personal connections- a simple gesture to address the recipients with their personal names will allow them to connect with the sender. It creates a bond which has already been established when they entered your database with a purchase, visit your website, and simply sharing their email id. Now the regular flow of emails will cement it further and opening channels for a long relationship which is now more personal and friendlier.

The next step is to send them emails which they want to receive and wait to hear from you. Instead of issuing generic emails, draft emails which are much higher in content and have offers related to their past behavior and their upcoming or predicted behavior.

  • Audio-visual medium will continue to grow and will thrive well- for some reading is great and some really want to watch and understand. More than half of the consumers want to see rather than to read the offers. Messaging in words is definitely going to take over by videos and vlogs this year along with the mobile-friendly emails. 
  • Mobile friendly emails will rule- the desktops were swept away by laptops and now these devices need to create room for mobiles. Phones are no longer for only use of chatting and messages, but the entire digital world has shrunken and become compact in the mobile.Email Marketing


Mobiles have enabled the consumer to remain connected with the digital world even on the go. Receiving emails and replying back while traveling to and from work is not at all new, and therefore emails are too going to be received more in phones than on laptops or other devices.

  • The design will need much more attention- as emails will be received on the mobiles the designs need to be compatible. As the emails are entirely text-based channels, there is a lot of room for improvement in the icons, colors, illustrations and so on. The visual appeal has to increase to grasp the attention of the reader. Even they need to be mobile- friendly and the demand for better design will be ever increasing. 
  • There will be an emphasis to regulate automation- AI has spread all over as is no longer science fiction. With AI they need to churn out better emails which are to send effective content in subject lines, matter and other information. The time to send the mail and the frequency to click the send button, all can be kept a tab by AI. It is a fantastic way to create emails but one should not forget that all automation is on the equal footing. Some need specific attention and focus. Again, if too much dependence is created on the AI, it can go terribly wrong and can seriously damage the business. 
  • Triggered emails will churn out better results- these emails are sent only when the recipient has triggered some actions like culminate the shopping midway or subscribed to receive the emails, even abandoned the cart, and many other actions. These emails have great insight on intent and the marketers need to know more about them and how to put them for better use. 
  • Privacy and data security will have top priority- no one likes to get invaded on their privacy and so the sender has to be careful and respect privacy and look for no breach of data or security. There are alarming instances where legal actions were summoned to sort the issue. It is a big concern among the consumers that how companies are using their information and behavior to grow and develop. No one likes to let others know about their behavioral pattern, especially in the marketing world. This sometimes annoys the recipient if their mail inbox is flooded with texts and messages with a single movement and they abhor the idea of being watched and monitored.

The trend for email marketing will be to remain inside the forbidden line and not to go over the top to get backlisted easily.  

  • Unique emails will be in demand- the inbox of an average person receives plenty of emails and the fact is most of them are trashed and deleted without opening them. The reason is repetitiveness. Once the receiver reads the first one; the rest follows the herd. They are the same and rhetoric. They are boing and monotonous which have the same fate of ending themselves by getting deleted and trashed. Create good quality and engaging emails which are more conversational and are able to catch the attention. 
  • Email campaigns will become interactive- image carousel, hotspots which are clickable, and navigational anchor are the interactive elements which allow to interact and respond. These are the simple yet effective tactics to engage the receivers and grow the connection between them.

These email marketing predictions will help to give uniqueness to your voice to an already saturated market where every recipient’s inbox is flooded with emails. The unique ones will click open and get the much-required attention and of course, these predictions will let it happen.

Author Bio:

Ayushi Choudhary is a Jr. content writer. In her corporate life, she writes many blogs and articles on SEO, Link building, SMO and many more.


9 Email Marketing Predictions for 2019 – What’s Yet to Happen?

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