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Recall your recent purchase, How you got attracted to that product, what was that pull?

Today’s Technical advantages to advance tools & consumer accessibility due to advanced mobile smartphones & Speed of the internet is persuading the Graphic Designers & Product Managers to experiment with new design ideas & working on blended designs as self-interactive rather than just giving information. 

Graphic designs are big pull force for more Sales Conversions online & In the Year 2019, we all are going to experience more creativity and experiments with Colors, Fonts, Designs, Web Design Schemes, Images, videos and more.
Different color gives different psychology impact on human brain & paints an exact image of the Product & Brand.
According to a report on #Buffer ‘over 90% of our assessment of a product is made on color alone.’

A Brief Scientific & Psychological aspect of the Colours will help you in Graphic Designing as more impactful as there is no secret sauce.

  • Red is more stimulating for alertness, Confirmation, Warning.

  • Orange has an association with Youthness, Newness & full of energy color.

  • Yellow is Full of Fun & Conveys positivity.

  • Green is the color of Nature,  Purity, Calmness & moderate Relaxation.

  • Blue has an association with Believe, Trust & Reliability.

Here are Top 7 Graphic Design Trends for 2019 

1. Bright Colours are here to Stay: Bright colors are in the center stage. Take a look in your surrounding Fashion, Home Decor to Consumer Products, All are very impactful & everyone loves them from experts, designers to ultimate customers. Bright color choices with a combination of hot or cold, light or dark, pale or bright will powerfully refect the message & culture of your organization.

2. The gradient to Standout: Designers are already using gradients for new tones & color theme for websites. They learned a lot in 2018 and now is the time to explore more with Gradient. Designers are taking inspiration from our own universe which has a vast blend of colors.
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3. Full-Screen Video to convey Brand Message: Brand Marketing Video or Corporate Video on your website’s Home Page tends to deliver more information and is already gaining the popularity again.
Advice: Don’t pick any random video, have customized relevant video with a brand color theme for your Business.  

4. Organic Shapes to show freshness: Flowing Lines, natural shapes, illusions to bring newness & uniqueness to your webpage element. Now users are friendly with these websites & these modern designs have proven the visitor’s attention.
Tip: Keep the Design Simple yet More Impactful

5. Cinemagraphs are replacing GIFs: Cinemagraphs are to convey your innovative Story with the use of the graphic effect. Cinemagraphs can be your showstopper as they easily catch the attention of visitor & creates a unique connection with other elements of your website.

6. Simple Design with Unique Fonts: 
Variable, Complex Fonts on Simple Design will be trending in the Year 2019.
Designers are stretching their own limits with new fonts like Airbnb came up with their own font-Cereal. But Designers have to be careful with New Design as there is always risk involved in working with completely new elements.graphic design company in gurgaon

7. Minimalism to be Mobile First: Most of the users are accessing thru Mobile Devices. Though they have small screens & restricted to limited features but at the same time it’s more focused on user experience. Apple is a prime example of using minimalistic designs.


Graphic Design Trends for the Year 2019

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