New Year Resolution for every fashion entrepreneur must be to take your fashion brand to new heights via. Digital Marketing and explore new ways to reach out to your potential audience. 

Fashion Entrepreneurs have already started digital marketing with being active on most social media platforms, selling online on their own brand stores & by selling on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong and many other marketplaces but your customers are looking beyond online shopping. “Customers are looking for digital experiences”
Visit major fashion brand stores & check how they have realigned their Brand Stores for digital logistics.

Learning from 2018 for the year 2019.

Olapic Co-Founder Sharad Verma on why to use visual social media channels by a fashion brand.
“the visual networks tend to be the most powerful social media platforms, in large part because “the product-related conversations on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr are mostly organic — not driven by brands but emerging from people.”

Libby Myers, fashion account director at Room 24 on social media platforms
“The demographic that tends to appear on Twitter — tech users — is different from that on Facebook, which is sort of the everyman. Instagram is more of a niche market.”
Learning: Be careful in selecting your social media channel & generate content for active audience .

Michael Kors, American fashion designer.
Instagram: Luxury & lifestyle shots
Pinterest: Topics for boards are like “Style Icons”, ”Micheals Style Tips”.

On the other hand Kate Spade, Fashion Designer
Facebook: exclusive offers on facebook wall
Twitter: tweeting life adventures with special hashtags.

Digital Marketing Guide Year 2019 for your fashion brand

Gain More from Social Media channels
For Digital Marketing Luxury Products using exclusive Images & virtual content is the true aspirational connect to engage & convert.
Like an example of wearing luxury clothing while driving a luxury car or experiencing a luxury experience.
High-Quality Images works like the glue that keeps your customers spend more time on your website.
Additional Advantage: Optimized images improve your website ranking.

Minimalistic Website Style, Customer Experience & Functionalities
Fashion Searches are happening from mobile devices, So your online marketing strategies should be around mobile experience.

Choose the responsive theme for your website, optimize for great user experience using a right combination of fonts, Colour scheme, easy to navigate & smooth check out.
Most important your website page load time means how swift is your website for the mobile user
– limit your features
– keep your homepage lite.
Check your Website Page load test using Google Page Speed Insights. Share the results with your developer to correct & improves on the negative factors. Fact: “Amazon’s calculated that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost it $1.6 billion in sales each year
Additional Advantage: Mobile Friendly & Webpage loading Speed are the major factors to optimized google search results for your web property.

Optimize Images & Graphic content
Using your smartphone for producing virtual content & taking free stock images for website & your products in the year 2019 will not serve the purpose, You need professionals to help to have your own creatives aligned with the theme of your website.

Spend time to design theme exclusive for your brand Identity which can apply to your online & offline brand positioning.

Weave Stories behind the Product Design & inspiration.
Customer love & feel engaged with stories. Tell stories around products, the inspiration of Product, Stories of experiences around products to make it interesting so customers want to be part of your stories.

Eg: Story of “ Dress she wore in her Graduation Party or on an engagement party”

Facebook Ads to reach luxury shoppers 
Know your customers to be an effective marketer, make an understanding of your customer demography.

Create a graph of 24 hours of your customers, where they live, work, study, read, eat, drive, common interests once you have the definition of your customer, Use Facebook ads to create your audience.
Tip: Use Facebook Pixels for remarketing campaign.
Additional Advantage: Higher ROI on your Ad Spent.

Focus on Good SEO
SEO needs Long-term plan & strategies, you need to monitor & keep analysis of your digital marketing work.

Your website Domain Authority, Page Ranking on Google Search result.
Tip: Be Consistent with your content & make customer-centric content.

Aspire Customer by Content
Marketing is creating aspiration for your audience, Create content for your customers to aspire while looking at you & your brand.

Tip: Content around most important occasions of your customer’s lives like “Dress for 1st Day of your work”

Show more user-generated content
Show you care about your customers, bring them on your stage, give them charge & let your customer express themselves how they feel about you & your brand. Take Customer advocacy to next level, make your customers delighted & Special.

Tip: A photo shoot for your customers wearing your brand & share that image on your website & Social Media Tagging your Customers could be a great hack for you in the coming year.

Influencers as Brand Spokesperson
Influencers are key to be exclusive either you want to test to a limited audience or keep it limited edition, you can’t go alone.

Check out your Instagram feed, check how new brands, private labels, established brands are doing marketing in your neighborhood alliances with micro influencers. Personalized endorsements of these influencers for their own audience help brands to create a relationship & expanding their horizons.

Create exclusivity online
“Exclusive Clothing range of new products endorsed by Bollywood celebrities on Jabong or Myntra”  You already had seen the success of such exclusive branding. Take inspiration & create some exclusive range for your online audience.

Email marketing for building loyal customers list
Customers love offers & special benefits. Collect email address, WhatsApp numbers, mobile numbers to share special offers for your frequent buyers. Have Tools to capture the details customers with abundant carts, wishlist, send them remarketing email, SMS with some offers.

Tip: Feedback & Analytics to understand customer behavior for products & services. Ask the customer to share their reviews, feedback.

Align your Brand store with digital marketing strategy.
Brand Identity to get recognized from the distance & Brand identity to have an image in your customer’s mind. The year 2019 will be the year of omnichannel presence, you have to everywhere where your customer is.



Digital Marketing for Fashion Brands in 2019 – A Must Read

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