What is an MVP?

The minimum viable product (MVP) is a powerful concept that allows you to test your ideas. An MVP usually targets early adopters and includes only the minimum amount of features to validate your value proposition hypothesis.
Minimum viable product

You have an idea

You have an exciting idea in mind, but are not a developer and do not want to spend a lot of money initially?

Then we are exactly the right match for you. We have formulated a process of developing your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in an extremely short time and at a very reasonable cost to develop.

We help to validate your idea

Before testing your product with an MVP, you need to test your idea to see if there’s a profitable market for it and, if there is, gain an understanding of the market before you start working on your product. We have worked with a lot of young start-ups, and individuals to validate their ideas before working on their MVPs.

We have worked with a lot of start-ups in validating their ideas and creating their mvps.

In this example, we will tell you how we helped John in validating his idea and created an MVP for him.

John had an idea of creating a marketplace for pharmaceutical companies. He knew what he wanted but didn’t know where to begin. He also wasn’t sure how his idea would be taken up by the people.

In order to create a great product quickly and efficiently, John approached us to validate his idea, and build an MVP.

  • We crafted a landing page for John.
  • We set up a Google AdWord campaign and facebook campaigns for John and drove traffic to his new landing page.
  • We also set up Google Analytics to measure conversions – percent of visitors that signed up after showing interest in John’s idea.
  • Once John had validated his idea after collecting response from more than 5000 interested visitors, we developed an MVP for John on the basis of the feedback the interested visitors provided.
  • In the end, John was happy since we were able to create a great product for him quickly and efficiently at a very reasonable cost.

Our Process

  1. Kickoff (1-2 days): Formalize engagement/ Sign NDA/ Understand customer’s idea
  2. Idea Validation (3-5 days): Define steps for validation of your idea / Create landing pages/ Videos/ Mockups/ Facebook campaigns/ Google adword campaigns/ Consolidate validation feedback
  3. MVP Design (3-5 days): mockup creation/Design based on the mockups /Feedback design
  4. MVP Development (5-10 days): Implementation of the design on the basis of your feedback / development, new features are implemented
  5. Go Live (1-2 days): Your Website (MVP) goes live and can be used by your customers.


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Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

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