Social media marketing is witnessing a major upgrade with Instagram joining the marketing force. With more than 130 million active users, this new kind in the block is fast becoming a hot market podium for  marketers all around the globe!  After Facebook and Twitter,  the photo sharing social media services platform is now turning heads more than ever at a rate much faster than its predecessors!

Stunning pictures complemented with strong visuals adorned with powerful & apt hash tags  that’s Instagram for you in words! Owing to its mass popularity, marketers are now aiming to tapon this platform to gain maximum reach and engagement for their respective brands. So, the million dollar question is:  How to use Instagram for Marketing? 

 Geo Tagging

A new armor in the Instagram arsenal; Geo tagging enables users to tag their location or locations specific to the images, which can then be shared with their respective followers. One of the best ways to connect with the target audience is by letting them know your physical location! Just click a photo and add a location to the image to let your followers know your current location.

Sneak Peek 

Social media services is all about sharing! Instagram offers a fantastic opportunity to marketers,fans,potential clients and followers alike to connect on a more personal level. Post photos of the products or your office to allow the target audiences feel connected with brand on a more personal level.

 Hash tags

One can’t simply underestimate the power of hash tags after spending substantial amount of time on social media! Hashtags are the SEOs for social media platforms,especially Twitter and Instagram. Any campaign or launch on the photo sharing platform would be invisible without them.Their strategic use enables better search and increased reach. Use hashtags which are related to the brand, which  highlights their values or core features. One can also capitalize popular hash tags by integrating them in their post for amplified reach to trigger on line conversations!


Camouflaging your brand or your new product launch with an on line contest is one of the oldest and most effective tricks in the book! Ask your followers to click a selfie or strike a pose with one of your  products and post it on Instagram. By holding contests,your brand will be able to tap on the enormous opportunity to connect and promote the brand to a much larger audience. A dedicated hash tag can be conceptualized and used for the campaign to amplify the talk about the brand via contest.

 Event Marketing Via Instagram

Pictures’ worth a thousand words! Amplify any event associated with your brand by posting good pictues along with Geo tagging and hash tags on Instagram. For the diligent, Instagram poses a great opportunity to appeal and connect with your on-ground audience as well as your social audience!

Needless to say, the importance of Instagram for marketing is inevitable for the creative generation.Brands can broaden their reach, connect on a personal and emotional level, amplify their event or launch and generate engagement by just snapping pictures and tagging them with their current locations and hash tags.

 Is your business on Instagram yet? It’s time to unleash the power of social media via Instagram  marketing!

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How To Use Instagram for Marketing Purpose

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