The main function of SEO (Search engine optimization), PPC, SEM and Pay Per Click Advertising is to boost the traffic and improve the ranking of website. All these activities work differently. For some you have to pay the money and some are free. However, it is essential to hire the specialists for everything. Novices and self efforts might put you in a very problematic situation. So, the very simple question arises here is which way to go whether SEO or PPC?

Spending Patterns

PPC is a kind of facility that always keeps your website on top of the front page of Google. It is important for you to know that Google is the largest service provider because more than 50% of internet users use this search engine in order to meet their demand. However, other service providers are also in market therefore you essentially have to make an intelligent decision before moving forward. Generally, PPC costs per user. Accordingly, you put the money first and get the results later. On the other hand, Search Engine Optimization is a free of cost amenity. Per the terms and conditions of this set of activities, you perform some meticulously configured activities at your end to get the ranking and traffic. This task is not as simple as it looks. Actually, it takes arduous efforts and only a specialist can fetch the expected results.

Different Payment Models

Payment models of both these activities vary on several terms. PPC requires investment in initial stage to give the results but it proves a safe way for small scale businesses. Any small business can start a PPC campaign to enter the digital world in the confident manner. Ambitious businessmen can give it a try for the limited period of time and make the decision after results. It is an affordable SEO Strategy as it costs as small as $50 to deliver the immediate and certain results. Whereas, SEO proves costly on various terms. Exactly, owner essentially has to hire a specialist to enjoy the benefits of free activities. Activities are free but professional costs around $2,500 to $5,000. This much amount is not possible for a start up.

Measurement and Tracking

PPC proves better than SEO when it comes to measure or track the traffic and ranking. There is a wide range of tools for Google Ad words which help advertisers to recognize the best keywords, report on previous campaigns, estimate traffic, and many others. Such tools become more useful when team up with Google Analytic. However, you essentially need to be careful while performing this exercise because a little mistake might land you in a very problematic situation. It is important for you to know that PPC is a kind of activity that can also be regulated on various terms like when to display the link on selected pages or when to go offline.


Both these activities are effective enough to fetch the satisfactory results but prove harmful on various terms. Actually, competitors cause the problem. In order to pip rivals in competition, they pay some bucks to the user to visit Pay Per Click campaign for no reason while draining your account very soon. On the other hand, SEO activities require more manpower, costing heavy bucks, to fetch the best results. There are more points to be considered which only an experienced consultant can clear.


Above given description helps a lot to make a decision but it is not good to make the quick decision. Actually, SEO vs PPC is a very critical issue and it is not possible to be at safe side. Both activities have pros and cons. So, everybody essentially has to make the right decision. You also need to keep in mind that Google and all other search engine giants are working on dozens of tools which will surely help to get the best results while keeping you protected against heavy expenditure. Your intelligence would only not make website the highly visited portal but also helps to earn high revenue at limited expense. PPC service providers are also working to keep your website design safe against all kinds of issues. To be at safe side and reduce the investment amount, you vitally have to keep a close watch on all updates and implement the helpful one at right time. One wrong step might reduce the importance of all previous exercises.

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What works better SEO or PPC?

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